tool to create and manage customized festival strategies for short films

Create a festival strategy specific for your short film, within a click! No matter if it’s live-action, animation or documentary: FestivalWhizz matches your film with an independent database of festivals from all over the world, from A-list to genre. Our algorithm uses all relevant information about you and your film, and checks more than 670 factors to find the right festivals. You receive monthly lists of festivals, customized for your short.



  1. Register and add your film by filling in the film form.
  2. Choose your preferred strategy: Best Strategy or Fees under CHF 25. Now let the algorithm do its magic and get your first custom-matched Festival List!
  3. Submit to the festivals, using the direct submission link provided in Film Details.
  4. Go and get your next Festival List in a month, or add more Festival Lists on demand anytime. 
  5. Update your submission records in My Submissions
  6. Bonus: find hints and tricks in our Journal. Become an instant pro!




A Canadian animation film by a female director will get a different selection of festivals than a Swiss documentary film directed by a male student.







Update the status of your submission records to keep the overview and navigate through country premieres.





"Believing that I know most of the festivals where my films might be appreciated, FestivalWhizz continuously surprised me with new festivals around the world, I never had heard of. The feature to target festivals according to your films factors, also helps to narrow the selection of festivals down and get an overview on your submission process."

Michaela Müller, Switzerland


"It was taking a lot of time to find appropriate festivals for my work. It's better to submit to a curated list of festivals than to have a wider selection of festivals that might not be relevant or fitting to your work."

Ng’endo Mukii, Kenya


"For the current film we appreciate the matching by the algorithm, as our concern was to miss the variety of the market.“

Carola Kutzner, Switzerland


"They are highly efficient, and they frequently bring me good news. More people in the world can view my movies, I can expand my audience base."

Lei Lei, China



FestivalWhizz is made by CUT-UP, a full service festival distribution agency for short films. We want to share our years of experience with even more fellow filmmakers, by giving direct access to CUT-UP’s elaborate database and the smart algorithm.


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