Before Dark


Olaf is a twenty-year-old architecture student, who lives with his father in a house surrounded by nature. His father, Vincent, was a renowned architect, but had to stop working one year ago when the doctors diagnosed him with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Olaf witnesses how his father’s memory is slowly failing him. At the same time Olaf is alerted by the enormous concrete wall in their backyard, that is approaching their house. Every day he counts his steps from their house to the wall; the wall that is gradually closing in on them while making their world smaller and more claustrophobic.
Despite their situation, Olaf decides to throw his father a big birthday party to celebrate his life with the people they love. What Olaf doesn’t realize, is that this party might make things even more stressful for his father.
Director Marit Weerheijm
Duration 25 min 18 sec
Country The Netherlands
Year 2018
Production Room for Film
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