MANEATER is a provocative short film about an assertive young woman (Ella Loudon), who reverses traditional gender roles in order to seduce her prey. When she encounters a mystical Rastawoman on the backwaters of a canal, she ignores her warnings about the pitfalls of modern love, shamelessly pursuing the object of her desire (Abram Rooney). Her seducer's game involves a wild, drunken night which starts to backfire when her increasingly strong advances are too much for him to handle. Spurned, she learns that she must overcome the hunter within and focus on being herself in order to find real intimacy. Set in the grungy, urban context of London with a spread of vibrant and eclectic characters, MANEATER explores some of the complexities and nuances of contemporary gender roles.
Director Zara Burdett
Duration 12 min 42 sec
Country United Kingdom
Year 2018
Production Rami Sarras Pantoja
Screenings 7th Dublin Intl. Short Film and Music Festival 2018
Big Apple Film Festival 2018
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