FestivalWhizz is a tool to plan and manage festival strategies for short films,

built by experts who are always there when you need them. 



Festival Lists

specific for your film


One-on-one Consulting

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FestivalWhizz's smart algorithm matches your film with our database of festivals, from A-list to genre.

You receive monthly lists of festivals really worth
submitting to. MORE


Kick off your festival run with an evaluation of your film's potential and advice from festival experts.  

Book a consulting at any later stage to analyze your festival run and optimize your strategy. MORE






We planned and executed the festival run of more than 500 successful shorts from over 45 countries, among them Student Oscar winners, BAFTA winners, Academy Award nominees, and many genre films.




Why is it a monthly subscription?
During festival distribution the status of a film is constantly changing. With every submission, every acceptance and every rejection the strategy has to be adjusted. Festivals that just opened for entries can be considered. A period of one month is the best time frame to recheck the options.

Is it a submission platform?
No, and we are not affiliated with any submission platform or other interests. Our clients are filmmakers, not festivals. Each festival defines the ways to receive submissions itself. When evaluating festivals all that counts for us is if it’s a good festival, regardless if it requests platform submissions or filling a direct submission form. FestivalWhizz’s Festival Detail will link you to the cheapest and fastest submission option.

How long does it take to submit to the festivals of the monthly list?
After you have prepared all your materials for submission and have set up your submission platform profiles, about 1-2 hours per month.

I really don’t have any budget. What should I do?
There is a low budget option on FestivalWhizz, that helps you save Festival Fees. When generating your monthly list, you can choose the preference Low Fees (0-25 CHF / USD). When choosing a subscription, booking for 6 months saves you 10%.

Where does your expertise come from?
We have been running a film production company, have been festival programmers, jury members, a festival director and a film school responsible for festivals and general distribution of student films. Since 2015 we offer festival strategies for shorts with big success. Find out more about us in our Journal post The Story Behind FestivalWhizz.

How do I become a pro?
In our Journal posts we hand down our experience in this industry and give helpful hints related to the distribution of short films. Most read articles include Why is your premiere status so important? and How much budget do I need for a festival run?

How do I get started? 
Setting up your film is really easy, and takes about 4 minutes. If you already submitted to festivals, it makes sense to integrate your previous submissions to avoid doubles. Follow these steps to get your first festival list! If you are interested to book consulting, register, add your film, then contact us.






Carola Kutzner, Producer


Lei Lei, Director

"For the current film we appreciate the matching by the algorithm, as our concern was to miss the variety of the market" 

"They are highly efficient, and they frequently bring me good news. More people in the world can view my movies, I can expand my audience base."


Michaela Müller, Director


Ng'endo Mukii, Director

"Believing that I know most of the festivals where my films might be appreciated, FestivalWhizz continuously surprised me with new festivals around the world, I never had heard of. The feature to target festivals according your film's factors, also helps to narrow the selection of festivals down and get an overview on your submission process." "It was taking a lot of time to find appropriate festivals for my work. It's better to submit to a curated list of festivals than to have a wider selection of festivals that might not be relevant or fitting to your work."





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